Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Branching out on my own

Well, it has been over a month now and despite a sterling effort on trying to get another job nothing concrete has really happened. I did manage to get down to the last five for a senior manager job in the NHS ambulance service so at least my resume and experience is getting me noticed. As I blogged previously, I am signed up with a number of recruitment companys but so far I have not been impressed with their services. I guess that jobs are not going to fall into my lap but I need the ocassional filip to keep me positive and confident that my skills and experience are still valued within the world of work.

One should always have a back up plan; so I am embarking on a journey to set up my own business. Given my extensive experience in ambulance, clinical and first aid the best bet is to start up my own first aid/emergency aid training company. Thus far I have gained certification in F irst Aid at Work and later this week I'll be attending an automated external defibrillation (AED) course to gain certification. In order to teach first aid etc. I need to gain the PTLLS qualification that will allow me to teach first aid to adults. Of course, all these courses take financial investment which when one is on a tight budget is not easy. However, to achieve my goal I need to 'bite the bullet' if I am to be successful. Being registered with an organisation that is approved by the Health & Safety Executive is also important so that not only am I seen as credible, profesional and competent but that any training courses provideed are both within current legislation and guidance.

In someways change can be frightening but at the same time exciting; if I don't achieve a full-time job then this change to setting up my own business could lead to an exciting and satisfying future.